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.Puberty Love



Puberty love

     The strongest of all;

Knows no bounds

     Neither wisdom nor fall.


That was the day

     I came alive;

Filled with such passion

     I could hardly survive.



Lingers my touch

     Such beautiful eyes; 

My parent’s distrust

     Completes my despise.


Together we shared

     As souls understand;

Transfixed and aloof

     To social demand.


Like rings in a pool

     From stones thrown untamed;

Heaven and Earth touched

     I know it ordained.


I prayed God

     The moments not end;

Came the reply

     My heart would transcend.


The days grew long

     As I went into battle;

But parents won out

     I lost to their prattle.


Not to look back

      My master’s reply;

Being human

     Is not to deny.


Heart’s ache

     Now lingers my days;

The tomb of my beloved

     Is still touched by my blaze.


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Copyright: Jan 19, 1988, John Worman