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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

The word "Repent" is grossly misunderstood!

Two thousand years ago a man by the name of John the Baptist stood in the River Gordian challenging his brothers and sisters to "Repent," to change their ways. Historically, "Repent" means to regret or feel remorse for something and to resolve to reform ones self morally. For the modern world, we assume this reformation has only to do with religious morals and dogma. Because, two thousand years ago, religion was a way of life and the Israelites truly believed that if they were moral and obedient to God their lineage would continue forever. Today, people of the Christian Faith have come to believe the same thing.

In the occidental world, science has interfered with many historical beliefs, especially those beliefs around a personal God. However, I submit, science doesn't necessarily disprove God, rather, science helps us redefine our Sacred Image. All one has to do is study a little Quantum Physics and one begins to have a clearer understanding of Universal Consciousness, God.

Yet there is a danger in studying Quantum Physics and embracing ideas like Universal Consciousness. Because when we do, we begin to both see and understand the inner-connectivity of all existence; as a result, we are changed.

The teachings of both Christ and Buddha tell us about our Universal connectedness; they remind us that all things are part of everything else. Like the science of Quantum Physics, religion teaches us that there is no isolation! Yet, religion goes further, it instructs us that the belief that we are isolated beings (apart and special, above or outside creation) brings us our greatest suffering. Still, here we stand, thousands of years later, with our isolated egos thinking, wishing, praying that we're individually something special. Even when we are taught that this kind of belief is what created original sin, the fall of Archangel, Lucifer, or the Daughters of Mara.

Today the most important issue in human history confronts us. The issue is specifically whether or not humankind will be able to remain on the planet Earth. Putting this question another way, is humankind an endangered species? If we are, is there anything that will save us?

The answer to the first question, "are we an endangered species?" is pretty obvious, Yes! One only needs to look at our polluted planet, our dwindling resources, and global warming to know for certain that given current trends, the demise of humankind is calculable by simple mathematics. The simpler life forms like viruses and insects will survive us!

The answer to the second question, "is there anything that will save us?" lies in the realm of reciprocity. Given the idea that all things are interconnected, then all things share the same history and the same fate. A modern cliché states, "What goes around, comes around." Unfortunately, for most of us, when it comes to our personal lives, we miss this point completely. Most humans live as if each of us were the center of the universe with no accountability, whatsoever. By our actions we actively demonstrate that we have no idea what the word reciprocity means, or that such a state exists.

The idea of reciprocity is balance between giving and taking, an interchange. For example, "true love" is about reciprocity. Boy meets girl and there is mutual interchange. When reciprocity exists, love is manifest. However, when individual egos arise, reciprocity begins to falter. As evidenced by family stresses, social, political and religious issues, when egos are too strong, reciprocity ceases altogether, resulting in hatred, violence and destruction. Unfortunately, the same is true between humankind and the planet Earth. Presently, humankind is at war with the Earth; therefore, it must be assumed that humankind must hate the Earth. The problem is, like the flea who walks the dog's back, humankind will ultimately loose.

Since there is not one thing that is isolated from anything else in all creation, "Repentance" for the new millennia is about learning reciprocity. It can begin with one single act of brotherly/sisterly love, compassion. It extends to giving something back to our planet in a humble and mindful way. It means truly believing all things, all animals and people are Sacred. It's about surrender, letting go of the false belief that you or I are the only things of importance on this planet.

Our greatest Spiritual Masters challenged us to be something. They knew the way was difficult, beset with obstacles. They knew that individual and social ego is the brick wall that stops us and creates our greatest suffering. They knew that life is uncertain, insecure and imperfect. In spite of this, they showed us through real life examples that we must have the courage to be. Words mean nothing; it's too late for philosophical debate. Actions of reciprocity are the only hope that will save our species from extinction.

Because, if we don't take care of each other, if we don't take care of our planet, where are we going to live?

This newsletter is dedicated to those "Voices Crying in the Wilderness." Because, it is only when we help each other that we all become winners!

Namasté, John…

Namasté is a Sanskrit word meaning:

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.


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© Copyright April 2001, John Worman