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Altar of Silence

The Path of the Soul is to Feel Existence...



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"The Frog King” is a fairytale about finding “Soul.” In our modern world there are so many factors that attempt to estrange the soul from our essential being, the public schools, the everyday work place to name a few. When this happens we become neo-stoic; a belief that humankind should be free from passion, unmoved by grief or joy, indifferent to pleasure or pain, and able to submit without complaint to the unavoidable necessity by which all things are governed. Sound familiar?

     But, despite his upbringing and faced with tremendous difficulty, our protagonist learns first hand that he can have it all. He can be in the world and be himself at the same time. He finds “The Courage to Be” is more than a symbol or a dream, it’s a way of being and loving in spite of uncertainty, insecurity and imperfection. 

     “The Frog King” is a modern fairy tale because it addresses the archetypes of human consciousness in a manor similar to the Brothers Grimm, “Iron Hans.” It’s a rite of passage, coming of age into manhood, as Robert Bly says, something seriously lacking in the youth of today. Unfortunately, in our contemporary world, where we are spoon fed the knowledge of industry, we learn very little about the workings of the soul. As a culture we’ve forgotten the powerful symbols and overlook the fairy tale’s mythological significance…soul significance.

As Bill learns: Love is an Altar of Silence where Truth resides. It is the only Temple in the Universe.

The Story:

     A young man is confounded by life and everything he does seems wrong. So after much soul searching he decides the best thing is to kill himself. However, he doesn’t know how to take his own life in a painless way. So he goes his village physician and asks:

     “Tell you what,” the physician offers. “Go to every house in this village. If you can find one person who has never experienced pain, I’ll help you kill yourself, as painlessly as I know how.”

     One by one, the youth searches. But he finds no one, not one person who is without pain in their life. Woefully the young man returns and tells physician what he’s discovered.

     “Pain and joy!” The physician announces. “They come to us as a package.” 

     So often in our lives we find ourselves with our backs against the wall with no place to turn. As Bill’s mentor, Earl Watley puts it, “Bill, you remind me of a man who stands precariously on the point of a needle. Below you, in all directions, is the abyss. Above you is nothing. If you jump from the needle, continuing to pursue her, you’ll fall to your death. If you stay where you are, not doing anything, you’ll fail. You might as well not have been born. So, Bill, what are you going to do?”

     The sting of both his mediocrity and now a broken heart is too much and our protagonist experiences the classic existential crisis; we’ve all been there at one time or another! But how does we get passed it?

     The path of Soul is to feel existence, both the Light and the Shadow. But how many contemporaries have the courage to experience this dipole in full consciousness? Everywhere we turn we are told to be reasonable, that our feelings are wrong or unreal. As a result, day by day our world moves us closer to that dreaded machine consciousness; as individuals we are pushed toward non-being, and our anxiety can do nothing to stop it. We need something else…

     It is this author’s belief that finding this illusive “something else” is both possible and real. Hopefully, en mass, it is the movement toward and into the Aquarian Age, the new enlightenment.

Enjoy the ride…


About the author: 

    Raised in Southern California, John Worman was educated in the public school system, studied the violin, electronics and, like his grandfather, he shared a passion for metaphysics. During his many years of living in the Sonora Desert of Southern Arizona, he studied Christianity, Buddhism and the spiritual beliefs of the American Indian.

    Today, John still enjoys playing the violin, ham radio and astronomy. John has written many technical articles and several fiction works. For recreation, he hits the ski slopes and has also been seen sailing a catamaran in the French Antilles.  

    John is currently editing his next work: “The Screwtape Letters, 2000.” It’s a volume of correspondence between the old master, Screwtape, and his new disciple, Scrabtree, that, by certain covert means, John has been able to compile. Simply put, these letters involve diabolical training aimed solely at disrupting the Faith of mortals and causing them to turn their attention away from all that is Holy and towards an entity that Scewtape referred to as “Our Father Below.” It's pretty scary stuff! The greatest deception the devil ever enjoyed has been convincing mortals that he doesn’t exist. As spiritual hope rises in the twenty-first century, and carrying the tradition of Mr. C. S. Lewis, John will soon offer these underground letters to the public.


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Namasté, John W… 

Namasté, means: I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.


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